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Millions of Baby Boomers are finding themselves challenged with the demanding issues of caring for aging parents.  This series portrays a daughter who is faced with the stark and all too common circumstance(s) of aging parents who are reluctant to accept the reality of their personal constraints in life.  Generation Y children (Offspring of the Boomers) take note, because these scenarios may play themselves out with your “Boomer” parents.  Advanced planning and having the ‘conversation” is the key to avoiding future conflicts and making the transitional process of aging with dignity a reality.  EVERYONE owes a debt of selfless obligation for the “quality of life” care of their parents, whether willfully accepted or not, to look out for their parent’s best interests!  If not you, who else will?  THIS IS WHAT AMERICA HAS TO STAND ON!!!  Other countries have already  recognized this obligation for generations.

Warning:  Some of the language in the first couple of episodes is graphic but the reality of the conversations are on point.

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